breach reviews incl. Guardian Book of the day (29 July 16)

“This is fine, suspenseful fiction springing from human lives in extremis…” Guardian review by Kapka Kassabova 

“Brave and innovative…” The Bookbinder’s Daughter

“An insightful new book chronicling the plight of refugees in the so-called Calais Jungle ought to be mandatory reading for anyone troubled by the crisis or mistrustful of Johnny Foreigner.” Malcolm Forbes for the Herald Scotland

“One might worry that in a work commissioned to address topical concerns, craft and artistry might suffer. breach will put those fears to rest from page one. Line for line, paragraph for paragraph the writing is detailed yet spare, with arresting images.” Margaret Luongo, Consequence Magazine

“Beautifully written, these stories demand that we debate how sympathy can become effective engagement, both humanitarian and political.” Kelvin Jackson, Peace News

“…this isn’t a simple story of a Westerner ‘learning better’, more a recognition that all the characters have complex individual lives, whatever their circumstances. This is the kind of perspective that breach is able to open up, and that’s what makes it such a valuable collection.” David’s Book World

“Easily one of the strongest works of fiction I have read this year.” In Words and Ink