Best Books of 2017 The Guardian incl. ‘When We Speak of Nothing’

How wonderful to see 'When We Speak of Nothing' named as The Guardian's Best books of 2017 by Bernardine Evaristo  


Reviews ‘When We Speak of Nothing’

"... flamboyant and moving debut novel.." Financial Times review by Diana Evans "... revels in the joy of expression." Mail and Guardian review by Kwanele Sosibo "Olumide Popoola's When We Speak of Nothing os an Ode to Queer Black Life'.  Brittle paper review. YNaija review Channels TV Book Club Review (interview)   Bella Naija review The Writes…Read more Reviews ‘When We Speak of Nothing’

Black, male and tender – opinion piece in Attitude magazine

Why aren't we telling the stories of queer Black men?  Racial profiling is real. We all know it. It comes to us, even if we are not affected ourselves, through the news, in conversations with friends and colleagues, through Black Lives Matter protests and hashtags, through the knowledge that black and brown bodies are not…Read more Black, male and tender – opinion piece in Attitude magazine